2. *Term Two of 2022.*
✅ Starts on *11th July to 16th September, 2022*
✅ Has 10 weeks.

*Note*.During term 2, there will be midterm for one week from *6th to 13th August* to enable *General elections* to be conducted on *9th August*

3. *Term Three of 2022.*
✅Starts on *26th September to 25th November, 2022*
✅Has 9 weeks.
No midterm.


➡️ _Current class *Eight* will sit for KCPE from *28th Nov to 1st Dec, 2022*

-Current Form 4 will sit for the kcse from *1st Dec to 23rd Dec, 2022*

➡️Current *Grade six* will sit for *CBC National Assessment* the Kenya Certificate of Basic Education (KCBE).

*2023* (Next Year) the Academic Calendar will *normalize*

➡️Parents with children in the current class *Eight* should be aware that by *Jan 2023*(next year) their children will be in *Form One*.

➡️Parents with children in *Grade six* should be aware that by *Jan 2023* their children will be in *Junior Secondary School*

➡️This breakdown can help you for *planning purposes.*



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