Campaign and Elections Period 2022 – How to remain safe


The 2022 election is just around the corner and there are lawlessness everywhere. Pls advice people that are close to u about the killing of innocent people, kidnapping, etc.
Here are some tips that can guide you:

1. Don’t keep late at nights

2. Make sure you tell your family exactly where you are going to

3. Anywhere you are, be at alert

4. Pick every call because the caller may want to tell you what will save your life

5. Eat or drink only at trusted people’s house

6. Pray for God’s direction & protection before u set out for your daily activities and be sensitive when u enter public bus/taxi even in car

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7. Don’t be a political thug or support political thug

8. Once you sense a fight is about to start, pick your things and run for your dear life

9. Don’t get involved in any protest (at least for now)

10. Night parties are extremely dangerous for now.

11. Don’t drive at late night, you might be attacked on your way.

Please pass this information to everybody even your friends that you consider not close because this is about life and death.

Don’t be selfish, share as you received it.

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