How to get your free CRB clearance certificate.
How to get your free CRB clearance certificate.

I know you are in need for a free Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) certificate. Well. You can now easily get your CRB certificate free,online.


The easiest way in which you can get your CRB certificate is by using the TransUnion mobile App. This can be achieved by following the steps:

  1. Go to Playstore and download the ‘Trans-Union Nipashe’ App.
  2. Trans Union Mobile App.
    Trans Union Mobile App.
  3. Once downloaded, install the app and open it.
  4. Trans Union Mobile App.
    Trans Union Mobile App.
  5. Now, enter your First Name, Second Name, National Identity Number and Mobil. Check the terms and conditions and then click on ‘Next’.
  6. Trans Union Mobile App.
    Trans Union Mobile App.
  7. Next, click the ‘Activate’ button. You will now get a verification code via SMS.
  8. Trans Union Mobile App.
    Trans Union Mobile App.
  9. Enter your verification code and click ‘Verify’.
  10. Trans Union Mobile App.
    Trans Union Mobile App.
  11. To get your CRB certificate, click on ‘Clearance E-Certificate’ tab. Enter your Email address and click on ‘Submit’.
  12. Trans Union Mobile App.
    Trans Union Mobile App.
  13. You will receive the certificate via your email address. Locate, download and print it. To  open your certificate, a password will be required. Please use your National ID Number as the password.

In case your ID Number begins with zero, kindly omit the zero. E.g. If ID number is 012345, your password will be 12345.

Some other CRB agents charge over Sh2,000. Avoid them and use Trans-Union.

Other services that can be accessed through the Trans Union App include: Checking your score, loan accounts and credit reports.

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CRB clearance is a certification that is issued by TransUnion CRB to consumers as a “clean bill of health” on their credit background. It is not issued to people with outstanding non-performing loans.

CRB Clearance certificate is applicable in:

  1. Loan consideration after a past adverse listing.
  2. Pre-employment screening
  3. Requirement for integrity clearance for public office jobs just like clearance from HELB, KRA, EACC
  4. Requirement for political party nominations of aspirants.

To qualify for CRB clearance, you must settle the debt either in full or make partial payment to make the account active and performing.
The length of validity will however rely on the institution requesting for it but it should not be more than 3 months.
You can print your CRB Clearance at any cyber cafe. Cyber Cafes may be found at any Huduma Centre near you.

Disclaimer: CRB clearance does not delete the default or negative information in the CRB database – it only enhances your access to credit facilities and government jobs. We do not change neither do we delete records for payment.



    I have already paid my loan and my report has already sent to you.

    Thank you for paying your loan.Your CRB record was sent on 30/08/2021. Metropol ref BEBO-ULHU-20210830 and Transunion Batch 373040. Visit CRB for clearance after 24hours.

    My ID NO. is 23967943
    My phone no. is 0722920311


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