TSC Email activation procedure for all teachers.
TSC Email activation procedure for all teachers.

How do you recover your TSC email……that you forgot? Here is a simplified guide.

Your TSC Email is usually: your first name, surname ,last two digits of your tsc number @tsc.go.ke

To confirm your TSC Email follow the following steps👇

Type www.office.com on chrome site…

Click on sign in

Type your tsc email address following the procedure earlier given.

If in case showing incorrect username

Don’t loss hope

Try to start with the middle (father’s name) followed by Surname, last two digits of your tsc number @mwalimu.tsc.go.ke

Once it accepts

Reset your password

Save your password

Go to play store on your phone

Install outlook email apps

Sign in your tsc email and click save.

Keep your email username and password in your diary book.


KINDLY NOTE THAT you can’t access Tpay services including applying and approving loans, extracting P9 for purposes of filing returns until you update your Tpay details online.

If you have forgotten your tsc official email address, use this format:

IF your name is John James and your tsc number is 123593, then your Tsc Email will be [email protected]

If it is Jean Claud and TSC Number is 123472. Then, your Tsc Email will be [email protected]

Download Outlook app from Google play store and sign in with it.

For password you can click Forgot Password and follow prompts.


  1. Prompts on regain access of the account (for fetching of the codes sent in Outlook for updating Tpay email after trying to sign in) ain’t working.
    Any assistance on resetting of the password is highly welcome.
    Thanks in advance.


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