Laikipia University List of all Courses & Requirements (Latest, Updated)


  1. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences and Technology)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Statistics)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  6. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
  7. Bachelor of Agricultural Education and Extension
  8. Bachelor of Arts (Communication & Media)
  9. Bachelor of Arts (Criminology and Security Studies)
  10. Bachelor of Arts (Economics & Sociology)
  11. Bachelor of Arts (History & Economics)
  12. Bachelor of Arts (Medical Sociology)
  13. Bachelor of Arts (Peace Education)
  14. Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication
  15. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili and Communication
  16. Bachelor of Commerce
  17. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood
  18. Bachelor of Education(Arts)
  19. Bachelor of Education(Science)
  20. Bachelor of Library & Information Studies
  21. Bachelor of Psychology
  22. Bachelor of Science (Community Development)
  23. Bachelor of Science (Economics & Statistics)
  24. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)
  25. Bachelor of Science (Geography)
  26. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics
  27. Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production
  28. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
  29. Bachelor of Science in Dairy Technology and Management
  30. Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology
  31. Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
  32. Bachelor of Science in Utilization and Sustainability of Arid Lands
  33. Bachelor of Sports Science and Management
  34. Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
  35. Master of Arts in History
  36. Master of Arts in Kiswahili and Communication
  37. Master of Arts in Religion
  38. Master of Business Administration (Conservation)
  39. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  40. Masters in Guidance and Counseling
  41. Masters in Educational Management
  42. Masters in Measurement and Evaluation
  43. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics
  44. Doctor of Philosophy in History
  45. Doctor of Philosophy in Kiswahili and Communication
  46. Doctor of Philosophy in Religion
  47. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
  48. Doctor of Philosophy in Guidance and Counseling
  49. Post Graduate Diploma in Education
  50. Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Science and Management
  51. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  52. Doctor of Philosophy in History
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