Learners reporting back to school in this file photo. The move by CS Magoha to reopen schools this year has been opposed in Court.
Learners reporting back to school in this file photo.

Most parents are worried that their kids will be infected with covid19 while at school. With schools’ reopening entering day 2, some learners are yet to report back.

According to research results by a research company, TIFA, among Nairobi’s low income areas, 70% of parents with school-age children fear  that their children would contract the virus when they return to school.

TIFA Research is an African based full market research company offering market, social and sports research

The data shows that women (73%) are more worried men at 67%. Some parents are also concerned that their kids would infect them with corona virus.

Schools reopened on Monday October 12, 2020 after a long closure that was occasioned by outbreak of the killer corona virus disease.

The research by TIFA was conducted between September 24 and October 2, 2020.

Further, the research shows that 44% of all those with a child/children are “very worried” about they will personally get infected with the Coronavirus.

Basic education learning entered day 2 on Tuesday under the schools’ phased reopening with grade 4, class 8 and form 4 students being first to report.

Most parents were caught unawares with the rushed reopening of schools with some saying they had set their minds for January next year, 2021.

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Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha sounded a stern warning to schools planning to bar learners who failed to register for online classes during the covid19 break. The CS stated that such a move will be taken as a criminal offence.

“For the private schools where some people have tried to equate reopening with those had online classes, we want to make it very clear that all children will start from where they left. If you send a child home because the child did not register for online classes, then that is criminal. We shall come for you.” He warned.

Magoha also cautioned schools against sending learners home for schools fees.

“I have said that as we comply with government requirements, my I plead with our principals to ensure that no child is sent home on account of school fees both public and private schools,” Magoha said.

The CS told schools to prepare lists of learners with pre-existing conditions adding that pregnant learners should not fear reporting to school.

“For those children who are pregnant, I assure them that they have nothing to fear and should come back to school. Teachers should be emphatic to them and give them assistance.” He advised.