SIM Registration Update Requirement

This is not a registration or a re-registration, it is a verification exercise. 100% of our customers are registered, however in August 2021, the mobile operators were asked by the Communications Authroity to ensure that each customer’s line had the requisite identification document attached to it.

Previously, registrations used to be electronic and this data was not necessarily captured by our agents. With this new ask, it meant that operators had to ensure that each line had the requisite documentation attached to it.

Must I visit a shop to do the validation exercise?

The law states that “a person must appear before the telecommunications operator or agent in person” as part of the registration process.

It is for this reason we are asking the customers who can present themselves at our shops to do so, so that we may verify their details against their ID documents. We have also unveiled an online portal to let people register from their homes.

What does one needs for this process?

Customers will need to present their ID and give us their signature for the validation process.

Where is this exercise being done?

Safaricom customers can undertake the activity at all Safaricom outlets as well as specialized Safaricom KYC Clinics which have been set up in areas like churches or community centres.

We caution all customers to only use these channels and not to engage any individual who may appear at their home or office claiming to be carrying out this exercise on behalf of Safaricom.

What if one has already registered their line previously, do they need to do this again?

All Safaricom customers are duly registered, however all operators are undertaking this initiative in line with a recent directive from the Communications Authority who has asked that every line in operation have an identity document attached to it.

Customers can establish if they need to provide this copy to their operator by dialing *106#.

What should I do once I dial *106#?

You will be able to claim all lines attached to your ID. You will also be able to query if you need to come in to our shop or not to present your identity documents to our agents for verification.

What about my children?

Parents or Guardians can either register lines on behalf of their children, or product a birth certificate to register a line for their children.

I did not register my line using my National ID.  I used a different registration document.  How do I update my details?

You are required to update your Sim identity details based on the registration document used for registration for your line: this include Alien ID, Military IDs or Passports.

What about if I am in the Diaspora? Or in hospital? Or can not make it to a shop in time?

You may either email [email protected] to carry out the verification process or use our online portal.


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