Mwalimu National Sacco TSC teachers' loan application and approval process.
Bank loans and how to monitor repayment.

Teachers and other members of Mwalimu National Sacco (MNS) will now get increased loan amounts after the Sacco revised the pro-rata downwards.

“In effort by the Society to improve members’ ability to borrow high loans, the board of Directors (at MNS) has revised the monthly pro-rata (contribution) downwards by 0.2% in each deposit band with effect from the 14th June, 2021”, reads the latest memo from the Sacco Chief Executive Officer, Alphonse Kaio.


This is a percentage of savings pegged on the amount of loan a member borrows. Prorata encourages a savings culture.

It is important to note that your next loan will be bigger than this current one because, prorata will enable you increase your savings and you will also enjoy a very good dividend percentage at the close of the financial year.

With the reduction of the pro-rata rates, members can now access higher credit facilities.

“Members are therefore advised to take advantage of the revised rates and access higher credit facilities from the Society.” Adds Kaio.


S/N Deposits Banking Current Pro-rata (Per percentage of loan given) New Pro-rata (Per percentage of loan given)
1 0-300,000 0.70% 0.50%
2 300,001-600,000 0.60% 0.40%
3 600,001-900,000 0.50% 0.30%


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