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December 2019 lists of transferred/ delocalized teachers per county. Busia County.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has produced a new marking scheme to be used during the employment of teachers. The marking scheme is used by interviewing panels whenever a new recruitment exercise occurs. The interviewee with the highest score proceeds to fill the employment form that is then sent to the TSC headquarter in Nairobi for scrutiny and approval. Below are the scoring areas and maximum marks:

A). Degree holders.

i). Masters degree or first class Honours– 35marks
ii). Second class upper Divison – 30marks
iii). Second class lower division -25marks
iv). Pass – 20marks


For those with Diplomas, these are the scores:
i). Distinction – 25marks
ii). Credit – 20marks
iii). Pass – 15marks


The length of stay after graduation carries the bulk of the marks. Those who have stayed out for longer periods after graduation score highly than new graduates. See the scores below, as per the year of graduation:

2018 – 28 marks
2017 – 36marks
2016- 44 marks
2015 – 52marks
2014 and earlier- 60 marks


Those who participate in Co-curricular activities, and have proof, have an edge over those who don’t. There are so many areas where teachers can participate as coaches/ trainers, administrators or officials/ judges/ referees. The marks awarded here depend on the highest level of participation. See the mark loads below:

i). National level – 3 marks
ii). Regional level – 2 marks
iii). County level – 1 mark

Apart from the above, one has to be confident, well composed, with good communication skills, marquee mastery of language and content in the teaching areas.