TSC guidelines for Community Based Learning, CBL.
TSC guidelines for Community Based Learning, CBL.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has provided finer details on how the Community Based Learning (CBL) program will be conducted. The program is expected to commit the over 10 million learners who are at home as schools remain closed; due to outbreak of the deadly covid-19 pandemic.

All teachers will be mapped and allocated the nyumba kumi where they will be working. The teachers will not be forced to travel to their teaching stations to offer the services but, will only work in the areas where they currently live. But, Heads of institutions will have to report to their schools, at least once a week or as  required, to help teachers in their venues access materials for teaching and other required duties.

Teachers to report daily at their venues from Monday to Friday. The venues will be identified by the Chiefs and will include school facilities, community centres, social halls, churches or other convenient venues. Learners will be engaged for 4-5 hours a day and teachers to report on the activities covered to the Curriculum Support Officers (CSOs) and Sub-County Directors (SCDs).

The Commission has told teachers to be innovative so as to capture the attention of learners throughout the sessions. Proposed activities to be programmed by the tutors include: values, life skills, environmental education, physical activities, education activities, numeracy, literacy, health and fitness as well as other age/class/level related activities to ensure that the programme succeeds.

With the reopening of schools not happening any time soon, the CBL programmes will run for an indefinite period.

Psycho-social support, through guidance and counseling, will also be provided since learners are facing several challenges as teenage pregnancy, loss of parents through death, sickness and sexual abuse; among others. This is to help them fit in society.

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Curriculum to be used.

According to the TSC guidelines, only 15 learners will be allowed at a venue. They will ensure social distancing among the learners.

The curriculum for use will be posted next week by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, KICD. This is geared towards helping teachers in planning for CBL. Teachers are not to stick to the curriculum but to be innovative enough to expand on the activities on the programme. The program will not, though, be used to cover the syllabus.

Existing programmes for teachers like SMASE, STEM, training of primary School teachers on ICT integration and any other programmes considered to be relevant should not be stopped. Such programmes will enhance competencies of teachers to be more effective in delivery.


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