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Why you should specialize in radiography as a medical student

Emmanuel Kipkirui, Radiographer

Have you ever considered specializing in radiography as a medical student?

Meet Emmanuel Kipkirui, a practising Radiographer and proud alumni of Manza Campus.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Growing up in the village, I had a great passion for technology. And anything to do with machines at home, I was the go-to person.

So, after I completed my secondary education, I joined KMTC to pursue a medical career in Radiography and Imaging (Ultrasonography).

My journey as a certified Radiographer, following my successful graduation from College, began with my first contract at Lang’ata Hospital in Nairobi.

They advertised the position, to which I applied and got the job.

Being a radiographer, I have realized how that three-minute x-ray could be a life-changing event in a patient’s life.

You literally see a patient from ‘inside-out’.

Diagnosing a patient and giving the right therapy is very important.

Looking back to the day I got the job, I find it incredible that I have achieved so much in my young years.

I have gained new skills in the profession, besides financial benefits.

I am glad that I can now enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I owe all these tremendous achievements to KMTC.

Being a trainee of KMTC provided the foundation—the skills, competencies and values instilled in me have continued to illuminate my career pathway.

I find it unbelievable that I now have a role to play in providing solutions for the health and well-being of our people.

Each morning, the smiles on the faces of those I serve give me the impetus to continue serving and giving my best.

I am grateful to KMTC for allowing me to unlock my potential.

Parting shot: To the students, once you are on this side of the fence, you will appreciate how valuable that training is essential for our society. We’re really respected outside here.
Given a choice of going back to College today, I would still choose KMTC. It has made me a treasure.

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