CS MAGOHA says reopening of schools will be guided by Health situation; asks parents to prepare to stay with their children longer adding the government will not rush into a decision on reopening the schools.
Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has supported the move by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to have the entry requirements for teachers reviewed. According to CS Magoha, the move will lead to improvement in quality of education in the country. Additionally, secondary school teachers will be equipped with skills to teach the new competency-based curriculum (CBC).

In the new proposals, TSC wants Kenyan universities to scrap the B.Ed course by September as part of reforms intended to transition from the current 8-4-4 system to the new CBC. TSC wants these new proposals implemented beginning September 2021.

Students who wish to pursue a career in teaching will now have to take regular Bachelor of arts or science degrees (for three years) and a one-year post-graduate diploma in education to qualify for registration as teachers.

Further, a C+ (plus) will now be the minimum entry grade for those who want to train as teachers and a minimum of B-(minus) in three teaching subjects. The minimum entry qualification for teachers at all level shall now be a diploma in education.

“All the 8-4-4 and CBC students must undertake first the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Courses for a period 3 years majoring on the key subjects and thereafter undertake a Postgraduate Diploma in Education for a period of one year for teaching at Junior and Senior school and SNE.” Reads the latest TSC proposals; in part.

Speaking at Sagam Secondary School in Siaya on Saturday, May 29, Magoha also said in the future; all primary teachers would be required to have a diploma as a basic minimum requirement.

“Change is the only thing that is constant the world over. This is the right time for scholars to think and decide whether it is the time to do things differently…This will mark an end to training in certificate courses as Teachers Training Colleges will admit applicants who scored Grade C and above in KCSE,” he said.

The CS also noted that the first group of diploma teachers to be trained from next month will help in delivery of the CBC which, among others, promotes self-reliance among learners.

Under the new teacher training regime, he said, the diploma will be the minimum requirement for all primary school teachers in the country as the government rolls out plans for quality teaching and learning.

“This will mark an end to training in certificate courses as Teachers Training Colleges will admit applicants who scored Grade C and above in KCSE,” he said.

The colleges will offer a diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) or a diploma in Early Childhood Development Teacher Education (DECTE).

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