Applications and requirements for the new Diploma in Primary Education (DPTE) Course.
Applications and requirements for the new Diploma in Primary Education (DPTE) Course.

Are you intending to pursue a Diploma in Primary Teacher Education(DPTE)? Well. You should realize that the Kenyan Government has since abolished the P1 Training Course and replaced it with DPTE. This new course comes with new joining requirements.

It is therefore necessary for you to know the joining and TSC requirements before enrolling for this Course. Please note that the first intake for this course will be in May 2021.

TSC requirements for primary teachers

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has set minimum requirements for teachers. For you to be considered for employment as a primary teacher in Kenya, you have to satisfy all the following TSC requirements for primary teachers.

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen.
  2. Hold a PTE Certificate (P1 certificate) from KNEC Or.
  3. A Bachelors of Education degree (Primary education) from a university recognized by the government of Kenya (with 2 teaching subjects.).

Read all details on the new Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) course; The new Diploma in Primary Education (DPTE) Course; Full details, intakes and requirements

Other requirements

You must be registered with the TSC and have a TSC number according to the specifications of the TSC Act Cap 212, Section 23(1) at the time of application.

If you lack the physical TSC registration certificate (perhaps you’re yet to receive it), make sure that you attach a printout of your TSC number application (as made online) showing the verified status.

This is taken to be evidence that you have met the basic requirements to be registered as a primary teacher in Kenya.

You can read further details here; TSC new teacher registration guidelines, requirements and online procedure: Easily get your TSC Number

Teaching vacancies have become very competitive nowadays. Better your grades in College and also during teaching practice as this will give you an edge over your competitors. See more pieces of advice here; How to get employed by TSC easily and faster: Top ten points to note for graduate teachers.

A word on primary teacher training and job groups in Kenya

Please note that the government has abolished the P1 certificate and replaced it with a Diploma Training program for primary school teachers.

Subsequently, new primary school teachers are now being employed under job grade B5 and not the older job group G as it has been the tradition for fresh P1 teachers.

Other grades, starting with J, K, L, M, and N, have been renamed C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5 in that order.

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TSC requirements for primary teachers – Frequently asked Questions [FAQs]

When will TSC employ new teachers?

It’s not clear the exact dates but TSC employs new teachers every year.

There is usually a major recruitment exercise where thousands of teachers are hired then a few others across the year where the TSC fills positions left vacant by teachers who have left the service through natural attrition.

Can I apply online?

Sure, the TSC online teachers recruitment portal is always on and you can upload your documents there and wait if the advert has a position you qualify for.

Note that a hard copy application to the commission is not necessary if you apply online.

What is the age limit for TSC employment?

As previously mentioned, the maximum age for you to get employment as a teacher in Kenya is 45 years.

But under TSC act 2012, TSC sometimes hires those over 45 years in contract terms.

Those engaged under contract can only serve up to 65 years of age.

How many teacher has the TSC employed in Kenya?

The number of TSC teachers in Kenya stands at slightly above 220000 primary school teachers and 105000 tutors in the local secondary schools.

Does TSC employ special needs teachers?

Yes, they do (keep checking their adverts on the website to know when they have openings).

And the good thing is that all you need is to have undergone special needs education (for the visually and hearing impaired) in an accredited institution.

You, of course, have to meet the other requirement for primary teacher including the age limit.

TSC contacts

If you have any issue you would like clarified about the TSC requirements for primary teachers, contact the director of staffing at the commission using the following hotlines:

Telephone 1: 0202892193

Telephone 2: 0202892131

You can also write to him/her through the official staffing email address [email protected]

To keep track of the available positions, regularly visit

Other TSC contacts are available here.

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