TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nancy Macharia.

Did TSC promote all teachers in 2017? This is what happened

Teachers up to date are questioning the employer and unions on Promotions criteria and how the career progression guidelines matrix was implemented.

Change of job group name from L to C3 is not a promotion.

Teachers are yet to come to terms on how cpg have affected their career in particular to promotion.

In 2016, there were 3 teachers who were in the same job groups under the TSC scheme of service, senior teacher of job group M, deputy principal of job group M and principal of job group M, in 2017, when Career progression guidelines, CPG, was put in place principal was placed in job group D3 , deputy principal in Job group D1 and the senior teacher in job group C5.

The cpg was poorly implemented,since the deputies should have been placed in D2 and senior teacher in D1.

Worst scenario, two teachers ( a old teacher and his former student teacher) in March 2017 attended interview both were in job group L, the old teacher had stagnated for a record 22 years in job group L and his former student had just finished 5 years in job group L, surprisingly the former student of the old teacher was promoted to job group M in may 2017 and was confirmed as a deputy, comes July when CPG started.

The promoted teacher was placed in job group D1 and his former teacher who was not lucky in C3, 3 job groups behind which requires 3 consecutive interviews each minimum of 5 years translating to 15 years to attain the current job group D1 of his former student.

Many teachers in our county have stagnated for several years in a given job groups in particular C3 which is the mother of stagnation job group, most deputy principals will retire in job groups D1.

What are some of the steps the union have taken to address this challenge.
Deputy principals who were in job groups M,N and P were lump together in job groups D1 while principals were placed in D3,D4 and D5, but again surprisingly there are quite number of principals in D1 and D2 and yet by 2017 they were already principals.

Quite a number of teachers in C5 who did interview for D1 promotions but they didn’t receive regret letters, what is there fate?

In the recent interview, only deputy principals in extra county schools were considered for job group D2, and only principals in extra county schools and beyond were considered for job group D4 .

My question is, is it a mistake to teach in county or subcounty schools, the union should have answers to challenges beveling the teachers.

We’ve numerous cases where acting Deputy Principals are also acting Principals which is illegal.

There are many seasoned (stagnated) teachers in C5 who deserves promotion on merit to D1 and those in D2 should move to D3.

Those principals who have stayed in D3 should be moved to D4 on Merit as some are heading to their retirement.

Teachers who have served as acting Deputy Principals (for 3yrs+ ) deserves confirmation and be moved to another station.

Also, Principals and Deputy Principals should move to another station after serving for at least 5yrs to avoid conflict of interests.

Most teachers who are acting as deputy principals are in job groups C3 three job groups less to be a deputy principal.

My humble suggestions is that all those currently in C5 should be promoted to D1 to fill the many vacancies and all those acting as deputy principals in C3 to be automatically promoted to C4 as a reward, and those acting in C4 as deputy principals to be automatically promoted to C5.

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