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  1. I am the first applicant and am trying to apply for HELB LOAN but there is no feed back yet since last year December
    Kindly help me on this

  2. I applied for a Loan subsequent last year I have received the upkeep for the semester 1 and the upkeep for the other semester have not yet received but I have been allocated money ed given batch number since January.Now we are ending the term whereas I haven’t received my semester 2 upkeep please do something about it.

  3. MARY MAGENA. I applied for my helb loan until now I have not got any feedback since the last year December when I reduced disbursed message.

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  5. I applied help loan but the institution I applied for was kenyenya ttc but it camed kisii polytechnic what is abroblem and how can I do

  6. Please I applied the helb loan due to lacking the adherence of who to afford for me my schools fees,i have not yet received any information about the loan I very request to disburse for me the awaiting loan which I applied for and give immediate feedback.dont have anyone to assist apart from helb loan I request highly please

  7. Hello,am Dorothy, I applied for the helb since August but upto date have not received my batch number kindly let me know what might be the problem

  8. Have not received my 2021/2022 subsequent Loan disbursement. What might be the problem? Kindly help.
    ID NO.35079202
    ADM NO: EB01/PU/40687/19

  9. Hello! Please release the upkeep amount for the registration number E122/0934/2022 it’s now two months and the portal indicates disbursement in progress,please I applied on early August and now the year is almost ending yet I haven’t received anything.Im worried and troubled

  10. When will us first year get helb ,kindly reply via my email
    Also other question is my helb verfication done succefully or not,, kindly may I know

  11. i applied for the helb always shows that allocated but until now was not send to my account . now i don’t know what should i do next

  12. I have opened an account but am not able to access my email to activate my account by clicking the link provided help me

  13. Hello am Jacinta Gatwiri Gicovi from Kirinyaga University.I applied for subsequent loan until now I have not been given.Secondly the loan awarded isn’t enough for school fee please.My Registration no is PA105/G/9524/20 I’d no 37771683.

  14. Hello please help me to get the loan so as to pay my school fees… verified since February… what might be the problem… Humble request please let me see some changes

  15. Helb officials please consider batch number 004389 please it’s now three months ago since I applied and I have been waiting but my patience is now dying down but I’m still optimistic,Please disburse my amount this month before exam begins next week, please

  16. Hello,,am Mogesi Nicholas,, jkuat student,,I applied for HELB due to financial constraints from home,,but I have not been allocated till date,,what might be the problem please,,,reg no. HDE217-1548/2021

  17. My name is Julius Owuor the first applicant I have tried to apply for HELD LOAN since last year December but there is no feed back yet

  18. Hello….I applied the helb last year December expecting by this time it would have been disbursed….We are supposed to clear for our exams on 20th this month…If possible kindly disbuse the loan since I don’t have anyone to clear for me….I don’t want to miss exams for the second time..I request for your consideration….my father who used to pay the school fees for me passed on I am now an orphan from a Very humble back ground without any support….help me please

  19. I applied my subsequent loan application for undergraduate yes I got my serial number but it’s not verified in my portal yet it’s almost a month now,,,, what might be the problem kindly?? need your help.

  20. My name is Nicholas Lmuranda Lesurukuru Kabianga University ,I applied for helb last year November but until now didn’t receive I’m even worried about my end term exams.what might be the problem please? Reg No. EGC/M/0316/2021


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