How to download the whole school’s 2024 form one selection list, admit all learners through NEMIS; Simplified procedure

The admission of the 2024 form ones in all private and public Secondary schools shall be, exclusively, done via the Education Ministry’s National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

Schools can access the list of selected learners on NEMIS.

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All schools are instructed to make use of NEMIS in admission of students. The process has been simplified to use only the index number.
Care should be taken to avoid entering wrong index numbers resulting in inadvertently admission of the wrong student. Private schools are also expected to admit students through NEMIS.

Required Documents

Here is the complete list of items required for admitting a new student/ form one via the National Education Management Information System, NEMIS:
  1. The admission letter.
  2. The learner’s index number, in full.
  3. The Learner’s Birth Certificate.
  4. The learner’s Unique Personal Identifier, UPI.
  5. The learner’s Contact details: Home county, Home Sub- County, Postal address, E-mail address and Phone Number.
  6. Learner’s passport size photograph.
  7. Learner’s special needs; if any.
  8. Mother’s details: ID Number, Name, E-mail and mobile number.
  9. Father’s Details: ID Number, Name, E-mail and mobile number.
  10. Guardian’s Details: ID Number, Name, E-mail and mobile number.

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The Admission process

Students will present their letters upon arrival for admission. The schools will then verify the existence of their names in the system.
The form ones who report to Secondary schools, as placed by the Ministry, will undergo the following admission process:
  1. The form one reports to the school where placed by the NEMIS system and presents the admission letter that must be downloaded from the Education Ministry’s portal at
  2. The admission letter is received by the principal or any other individual as may be delegated by the principal.
  3. The Principal or delegated individual will then log onto the NEMIS system by using a smartphone, tablet or computer that has been connected to the internet (Since the admission process can only be executed online).
  4. Log onto the NEMIS system by using the official Ministry’s links: or
  5. Once logged in (by entering the User Name and Password which is at the disposal of the Principal), Click on the tab indicated as ‘LEARNER’.
  6. From the drop down list, select Admit/Capture request.
  7. On the new window, type in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, index number on the search UPI/INDEX box and click on search.
  8. The NEMIS system will automatically load, and display, the student’s details showing that the learner is selected to join the school. In case the learner has not been selected to join the school, please advise him/ her to go to the school where the placement has been effected as shown on the NEMIS system or get help from the local Education office. If the student is selected to join the school, then click on ‘ACCEPT PLACEMENT REQUEST‘.
  9. Fill in the required information to successfully complete the admission process.
  10. Repeat steps 1 to 8, above, for all the 2020 form ones selected to join the school.
  11. You can confirm whether the learners have been captured correctly by Selecting ‘View my Learners’ from the ‘LEARNER’ tab
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The admission process of a learner would be deemed complete once the learner’s Bio data is updated on NEMIS. This can be done by:
  • Clicking on the Learner Tab followed by ‘Capture Biodata for F1 Learners’.
  • Proceed to capture the details as would be required on the Displayed form.

The ‘Learner’ Tab on NEMIS

The ‘LEARNER’ tab, on the NEMIS window, can also be used to carry out the following learner related operations:
  1. PENDING REGISTRATION: View a list of learners whose Registration is pending. These are learners whose details have not been entered as required i.e missing some information like their photographs.
  2. VIEW MY LEARNERS: A menu used to view the list of all learners whose details have been fully updated on the NEMIS system.
  3. LIST OF ADMISSION REQUESTS: Shows the list of admission requests as uploaded onto the NEMIS system for approval by the Ministry of Education’s field officers.
  4. LIST OF PROCESSED ADMISSION REQUESTS: To display the list of learners whose admission requests have been approved by the Ministry of Education’s Field officers.
  5. RECEIVE LEARNER: Used to admit a continuing learner; who has transferred from another school.
  6. RELEASE LEARNER: Used to transfer a learner to join another school after the transfer has been granted by the Education Ministry’s Field Officers.
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Requesting for Extra Vacancies

Where the capacity of a school has improved due to development of additional facilities in the year, a principal must request for placement of additional students and approval in NEMIS. To achieve this:
  1. Log onto the school’s NEMIS account.
  2. Click on the ‘LEARNER’ tab and select ‘ADJUST SCHOOL F1 CAPACITY’
  3. A window showing the school’s capacity details would be displayed.
  4. Choose the Gender for which you wish to adjust Capacity. Then, enter the new ‘Proposed F1 Maximum Capacity’.
  5. Click on the ‘Save’ button and wait for approval. Once approved, the school can then proceed to admit more learners to fill the available vacancies.

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