Registration form for farmers’ subsidized fertilizers

Registration form for farmers’ subsidized fertilizers

The registration of farmers for Government of Kenya, GOK, subsidy fertilizers, long rains, will be conducted countrywide afresh by ministry of interior in January 2023.

The exercise will be carried out by chiefs, assistant chiefs, nyumba kumi and village elders. They will be supervised by ACCs.

Over 17,000 tablets have been provided to all the chiefs and assistants to key in farmer details.

Also 6,000,000 registration forms have been provided,one per farmer to capture farmer details and forward to assistant chief to key in (ODK App).

Any farmer missing out in this exercise will not be able to access subsidy fertilizers. We have been registering farmers continuously but the registers we have will not be used now to access subsidy fertilizers.

Launching of the fertilizer subsidy programme will be done country wide in  January 2023 and it’s a evoucher programme to allow farmers to access fertilizer at the nearest centre/ stockist.

Let us inform our farmers the much we can to get in touch with elders and chiefs immediately.

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