Sigh of relief for BOM teachers as Ministry makes a promise over their salaries.
Sigh of relief for BOM teachers as Ministry makes a promise over their salaries.

The Ministry of Education has moved to rescue the sinking ship of teachers employed by the schools’ Boards of Management, BOM, by promising to release funds for their salaries. The teachers who are yet to pocket a single penny in the last couple of months now have reason to smile after the Ministry said their grievances have been heard.

“As government, we have heard their cries. I want to assure them something will be done,” the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of Education, Zack Kinuthia, was quoted by a local newspaper; this week.

“We expect whatever the Government will do on this matter, the BoM will consider not just the BoM teachers but also the rest of the BoM staff such as cooks, matrons and even watchmen,” he added.

The BOM teachers, staff and teachers employed by private schools have been hit hard by the current closure of learning institutions due to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease in the country.

Whereas the government is cushioning other vulnerable members of the community, this category of citizens has been overlooked.

Some BOM teachers have reportedly opted to auction school property to recover their salaries.

A BOM teacher at Indagalasia secondary school is reportedly to have sold three school bulls; claiming that proceeds from the sale will cover for his salaries up to December.



This latest development comes even as Kakamega County Senator Cleophas Malala seeks for answers from the Senate Education Committee on what the government is doing to cushion the affected teachers and staff.

“Am seeking for a statement from the standing Committee on Education concerning the disbursement of Government capitation funds to schools and the measures put in place to cushion teachers employed by schools’ Boards of Management and Non-teaching staff during the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya.” Says the Senator.

Hon Malala wants a detailed report of the total amount of Government capitation monies that have been disbursed to schools since March, 2020, by the National Treasury.

Other tutors who are employed by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, will continue receiving their salaries; with the Commission implementing the final phase of the current pay rise agreements this month.

Teachers who could not withstand the tough economic conditions have since opted to join the government’s initiative to cushion vulnerable young individuals; duped ‘Kazi kwa Vijana’.


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