A lesbian couple.
A lesbian couple.

A female teacher has found herself in hot soup after she was caught in the indecent act of Lesbianism. The female teacher and her ‘partner’ were arrested on Tuesday night after neighbors were woken up by screams from their children. The kids were surprised after they got their parents in the act prompting them to start screaming.

The two women, Kallen Kwagiria (who is a 48 years old primary school teacher in Meru) and 38 year old Catherine Natoire, had spent the better part of the day in a drinking spree at a local pub. When dusk came, the two moved to the house of Naitore. At mid night the children heard funny noises from their mother’s bedroom and rushed to check what was happening.

To their amusement, they saw the two women naked and making love. The neighbors who had screams rushed to the scene and called the local chief. It is the latter who alerted the police who came and whisked the two to the Githongo police post.

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The duo are said to be, both, divorcees and have been having their affair for some time, now. They will be arraigned in court when investigations into the matter are complete to answer to charges of having canal knowledge against the normal order of nature.

Lesbianism is outlawed in Kenya. Section 162 of the Kenyan law (of the Penal Code) sets out categories of “unnatural offences”, defined as “carnal knowledge against the order of nature”.

If found guilty, the two will be imprisoned for a period not exceeding 14 years.

The gay and lesbian organizations in Kenya have been pushing for recognition for a long time. In 2018 a Court of Appeal in Mombasa ruled that people accused of same-sex activity was unconstitutional as it violated the right to privacy.