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Here is the latest communication to schools from the Education Ministry concerning learners’ discipline;

‘The Second term of each year has presented unique Challenges that call for concerted effort from all stakeholders.
Consequently, it has become necessary to issue the following guidelines:

1). All schools should have convened a meeting of the Boards of Management to deliberate on student discipline. The Boards should come up with practical ways of handling the challenges in a more pragmatic manner. The discipline process should be fair and firm at all times.
Schools principals should ensure adequate security around the dormitories when Students are away. The number of teachers on duty should be increased.
The reports arising out of Meetings should be forwarded to the County Directors of Education for onward transmission to the Regional Directors of Education
2). School should work with the officers from the Ministry of Interior and
Coordination of National Government to ensure Schools are secure at all times.
3). All cases of mass indiscipline should be reported immediately to the County Education Boards. Schools should ensure open channels of Communications exist to allow Students air their grievances.
4). All County Education Boards should hold meetings to discuss school discipline. The County Commissioners should be invited during such meetings with deliberations forwarded to the Ministry.
5). It is reiterated that the Ministry will not tolerate Criminal behaviour among our learners. Any form of incitement from any quarter should be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.’


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