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The Open University of Kenya Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Jul 16, 2024

The Open University of Kenya Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: Your full guide

1. What are the minimum admission requirements for undergraduate programs at the Open University of Kenya?

The minimum requirements include a mean grade of C+ and above at KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) or its equivalent. Alternatively, applicants with diplomas, professional qualifications, or other qualifications recognized by the Senate are eligible.

2. Can I apply with a KCSE certificate alone, or do I need additional qualifications?

While a KCSE certificate is accepted, you may also need to provide a certificate of completion for foundation or bridging courses from recognized institutions to meet the eligibility criteria.

3. Is work experience considered for admission?

Yes, work experience can be considered for admission. You can provide evidence of two years of work experience in a relevant field as part of your application.

4. Are there specific short courses I need to complete for admission?

Yes, one is expected to complete relevant short courses if prior learning recognition is the basis of admission.

5. Can I apply if I have a bachelor’s degree from another institution?

Yes, you can be admitted based on an earlier acquired degree.

6. Are there any age restrictions for admission?

OUK is a university for all without age, gender, location restrictions

7. Is there financial aid or scholarships available for eligible students?

Yes, government-sponsored students are eligible for Higher Education Funds both from Universities Fund and Higher Education Loans Board as any other Kenyan student.

8. How does the admission process work for open universities in general?

Admission applications shall be reviewed and students placed in the rightful programme / level of study.

9. How do I apply for admission to the Open University of Kenya?

Students can apply through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services (KUCCPS) admission portal dedicated for OUK (ouk.kuccps.net) if they have KCSE qualifications, or using OUK admission portal (admissions.ouk.ac.ke) if they wish to be considered for admission based on recognition of prior learning.

10. Are there application deadlines for admission?

Admission applications will be continuous without any deadlines. Students will be put in cohorts depending on the programmes for ease of administration of the programmes. It’s important to check the university’s website for specific instructions.

11. Can international students apply for admission at OUK?

Yes, international students are welcome to apply. However, they should review specific admission requirements for international applicants and may need to provide additional documentation, such as proof of English proficiency.