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TSC- Annual Leave Application; How to apply for the annual leave and the application form

A teacher employed by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is always on duty; according to the Commission’s terms of service. But, a teacher is entitled to 42 days annual leave which should be taken during school holidays. A teacher who is not on annual leave is assumed to be on duty even during school holidays. To get the leave one must apply to the Commission.


This form is required whenever a teacher wants to proceed for annual leave. The following information is filled onto the form:

1). Teacher’s basic details; Name, Designation, TSC Number, Grade/ Job Group and phone contact during the leave period.
2). Number of days applied for and the period (dates)
3). Comments by the immediate supervisor (Deputy Head of institution).
4). Approval by the Head of Institution.

1). The form is filled in duplicate (Two copies) a month prior to commencement of the leave.
2). Teachers on Maternity leave can still apply for annual leave.
3). Teachers on Study leave are not entitled to annual leave.

Below is a copy of the Annual Leave Application Form;

Photo- Annual Leave Application form

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