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Pursuant to Article 237 (2) of the Kenya Constitution 2010, the Teachers Service Commission has a Constitutional mandate to among other functions, register qualified teachers and review the quality of education and training of persons entering the teaching service.

Further, section 23 (2) of the Teachers Service Commission Act, 2012 provides that; “A person shall not engage in the teaching service unless such person is registered as a teacher under the Act”. This requirement applies to both public and private learning institutions.

It is, therefore, notified for public information that requirements for registration as a teacher are provided for in Legal Notice No. 50 of 2016 (The Teachers Service Commission Code of Regulations for Teachers (Amendments), 2016).

Minimum Academic and Professional Requirements for Registration of Teachers

  Grade Current Requirement
a ECDE Certificate

i.        Minimum of CPE/KCPE plus ECDE Certificate from KNEC.

ii.       Minimum mean grade D+(Plus) at KCSE and ECDE Certificate from KNEC.

iii.      Minimum mean grade D (Plain) at KCSE, KNEC proficiency certificate, ECDE Certificate from KNEC Diploma.


i.        Mean grade C (Plain) at KCSE and ECDE Certificate from KNEC.

ii.       Mean grade C+ (Plus) and above for University Diploma.

iii.      Degree

Mean grade C+ (Plus) and above

b PTE i.        Minimum grade C Plain in KCSE and above

ii.       PTE Certificate from KNEC

iii.      Mean grade of C- (minus) for visually and hearing impaired persons

c Diploma in Education i.        Minimum grade C+( Plus) in KCSE and above and C+ (Plus) in the two subjects specialization

ii.       At least C (Plain) in English

iii.      C (plain) in Mathematics for Science-based courses

iv.      D+( plus) in Mathematics in non-science based courses

  Diploma in Education for Visually and hearing impaired i.        Minimum grade C (Plain) in KCSE and above.

ii.       At least C Minus in English

iii.      C- (Minus) in Mathematics for Science based courses

iv.      D (Plain) in Mathematics in non-science based courses

e Bachelor of Education i.        Minimum mean grade C+ (plus) and above or its equivalent

ii.       C+ (Plus) in two subjects of specialization

f Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science i.        Minimum grade C+ (Plus) in KCSE and above and C+ (Plus) in the two subjects of specialization

ii.       Post graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)



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