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December 2019 lists of transferred/ delocalized teachers per county. Busia County.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, gives male teachers a paternity Leave of 14 calendar days within the period of the wife’s maternity leave. Where a teacher has more than one wife, he will be entitled to leave in respect to the one whose name appears in the National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF, records. Application for the Paternity Leave should be submitted to TSC Sub County Director through the head of institution attaching the child’s birth notification.


The Paternity form requires such information as: the school address, Teacher’s name, TSC Number, the period within which the leave is applied, date and signature.

The Paternity leave is then approved by the TSC Sub County Director.  A copy of the duly signed form is then dispatched to the Secretary TSC and another one to the TSC County Director.

TSC paternity leave application form.