IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by Articles 88(4) and 177 (1) (a) of the Constitution, section 4 of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act, 2011, Sections 38, 39 (1) and (1A) (i) of the Elections Act, 2011 and Regulation 83 (1) (a), (e), (f) (i) and (g) of the Elections (General) Regulations, 2012 the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission hereby declares that the persons whose names are listed in the schedule hereunder were elected as members of the various County Assemblies having received the majority of the votes cast in the election held 9th August, 2022 and complied with the provisions of the Elections Act, 2011 and the Constitution.

And that;

a) The respective Codes to the Counties are listed in the First Column to the schedule.
b) Every County name is listed in the Second Column to the schedule.
c) Each Constituency is assigned a Constituency Code number in the Third Column to the schedule.
d) The names of the Constituencies are specified in the Fourth Column to the schedule.
e) Each County Assembly Ward is assigned a Code number in the Fifth Column to the schedule.
f) The names of the County Assembly Wards are specified in the Sixth Column to the schedule.
g) Every Surname of the elected member is listed in the Seventh Column to the Schedule.
h) The other names of the elected member are listed in the Eighth Column to the Schedule.
i) The elected member’s Political Party/ Independent name is indicated in the Ninth Column to the schedule.
j) The abbreviation of the elected member’s Party /Independent abbreviation is indicated in the Tenth Column to the schedule.
k) The votes garnered by the elected persons are indicated in the Eleventh Column to the schedule.

County Name Constit uency Code Constituency Name County Assembly Ward
County Assembly Ward Name Surname Other Names Political Party Name Abbreviatio n Votes Garnered
002 Kwale 007 Msambweni 0031 Gombato Bongwe Mwachaunga Tumaini Kassim United
Democratic Alliance
UDA 3,709
002 Kwale 007 Msambweni 0032 Ukunda Kitengele Omari Hamisi Orange Democratic
ODM 4,060
002 Kwale 007 Msambweni 0033 Kinondo Maone Juma Athumani Jubilee Party JP 2,805
002 Kwale 007 Msambweni 0034 Ramisi Mwajirani Hanifa Badi Orange Democratic
ODM 3,800
002 Kwale 008 Lungalunga 0035 Pongwe Kikoneni Mwaduga Omar Bakari United Democratic
UDA 2982
002 Kwale 008 Lungalunga 0036 Dzombo Chimakotsuma Douglas United
Democratic Alliance
UDA 3242
002 Kwale 008 Lungalunga 0037 Mwereni Beny Manza Beja Pamoja African
PAA 2464
002 Kwale 008 Lungalunga 0038 Vanga Mubwana Yusufu Hassan United Party Of
Independent Alliance
UPIA 1886
002 Kwale 009 Matuga 0039 Tsimba
Mwachuo Mwaboza Omar Independent IND 2,996
002 Kwale 009 Matuga 0040 Waa Mawafujo Said Hamisi Shirikisho Party
Of Kenya
SPK 2,162
002 Kwale 009 Matuga 0041 Tiwi Mwachimvyo mo Juma Ali `Kenya African Democratic Union
– Asili
002 Kwale 009 Matuga 0042 Kubo South Mwolovu Andrew Mulei Pamoja African
PAA 1,977
002 Kwale 009 Matuga 0043 Mkongani Sengaza Yusuf United Democratic
UDM 4,192
002 Kwale 010 Kinango 0044 Ndavaya Mwauchi Ali Bedzame Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 2578
002 Kwale 010 Kinango 0045 Puma Ngome James Dawah Pamoja African
PAA 2247
002 Kwale 010 Kinango 0046 Kinango Masyuki Richard Itambo United
Democratic Alliance
UDA 1547
002 Kwale 010 Kinango 0047 Mackinnon Road Mwanyae Mwagawary Mwasoko Orange Democratic Movement ODM 2300
002 Kwale 010 Kinango 0048 Chengoni
Shede John Mwatela Pamoja African
PAA 2687
002 Kwale 010 Kinango 0049 Mwavumbo Kombo Hamisi Mkaha United Democratic
UDA 2000
002 Kwale 010 Kinango 0050 Kasemeni Safari Victor Nyanje Orange Democratic
ODM 2883



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