NSSF Research & Development Manager Jobs Application Requirements, Qualifications


Reporting to the General Manager (Strategy, Research and Risk), he/she will be responsibleforcoordinatinginternalandexternalresearch,dataanalysis,leadingproduct development,developingnewandinnovativeideasbasedonresearchfindingsandwillbe custodianof theinnovationframework -generation,selectionandimplementationof value adding ideas.


  • UndertakeresearchasperFund’srequirements;
  • Evaluateresearchreportsandstatisticsforpolicyformulation;
  • Disseminateresearchfindingstorelevantstakeholders;
  • Develop and maintain research resources and data bases on social security policies and related issues;
  • Designandmaintaindatacollectionsystems;
  • MaintainstatisticaldatafortheFund;PrepareandsubmitdataandreportstoKNBS;
  • EngageotherstakeholderswithinandoutsidetheFundtoimproveondataand research;
  • Leadinproductdevelopmentbasedonresearchfindings;
  • Develop new and innovative ideas based on the research findings and data insights from research and analytics team;
  • Keepscustodyofinnovationframework;
  • Leadinthegeneration,selectionandimplementationofvalueaddingideas;and
  • ManagestheFund’sResourceCentre(Library).


  • Master’sDegreeinanyofthefollowingdisciplines;Statistics,SocialSciences, Business Administration, Marketing from a recognized institution;
  • Bachelor’sDegreeinanyofthefollowingdisciplines;Statistics,SocialSciences, Business Administration, Marketing from a recognized institution;
  • DiplomainResearchoranyrelatedfieldwillbeanaddedadvantage;
  • At least ten (10) years’ relevant cumulative work experience, five (5) of which should have been in a senior management position;
  • Membershiptoarelevantandaccreditedprofessionalbodyandingoodstanding;
  • LeadershipcoursefromarecognizedinstitutionoraCertificateinCorporateGovernance;
  • CertificateinComputerApplicationsfromarecognizedinstitution;and;
  • FulfilledtherequirementsofChapter6ofthe


  • Integrity
  • Communicationskills;
  • Strategicthinkingandproblemsolving;
  • Interpersonalskills;
  • Criticalandanalyticalthinking;and
  • Creativityand
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