Technical and Vocational Education Training, TVETs, institutions in Uasin Gishu County; Contacts, Fees, How to join and Requirements

Technical and Vocational Education Training, TVET, institutions over various certificate, diploma and craftsmanship training to students in Kenya. The beauty with TVET training institutions is that they offer flexible entry and fee requirements to students wishing to study in these institutes. TVETs are registered, accredited and regulated by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA); which is a public corporate agency established under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Act No. 29 of 2013 to regulate and coordinate training in the country through licensing, registration and accreditation of programs, institutions and trainers. Section 7 of the Act, 2013 gives the powers and functions of the Authority to regulate and coordinate training; inspect, license and register and accredit training institutions; accredit and inspect programmes and courses; promote access and relevance of training programmes; determine the national technical and vocational training objectives; assure quality and relevance in programmes of training among other functions.

How to get placement

To get a place at a TVET institution, one has to apply via the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS). The available programmes, institutions, minimum entry requirements and the application procedure are always available on the KUCCPS Student’s Portal accessible through the Placement Service website KUCCPS sets an application window within which the prospective students can submit their applications. The Entry requirement for all Diploma Courses is a C- and above; D (plain) and above for Certificate while other course categories are open.


The good news for students joining TVETs is that they can now apply for funding from the Higher Education Loans Board, HELB. They can now get Loans and Bursaries from HELB for their fees payment and upkeep.


The table below provides TVET institutions’ information in the order: Institution Name, Category, Type, County, Registration Number and Registration Status.

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Aberdeen College of AccountancyTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0087/2016Registered and Licensed
African Institute of Research and Development Studies – EldoretTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0250/2016Registered and Licensed
Ainabkoi Vocational Training CenterVTCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0172/2018Registered and Licensed
Alexandria Training InstituteTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0091/2016Registered and Licensed
Alphax CollegeTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0005/2016Registered and Licensed
Ancilla Vocational Training InstituteVTCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/VTC/0018/2018Registered and Licensed
Apex Institute of Management StudiesTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0058/2017Registered and Licensed
Arise and Shine Vocational Training Center,VTCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0025/2017Registered and Licensed
Cambridge Universal CollegeTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0099/2016Registered and Licensed
Cogri Vocational Training CenterVTCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/VTC/0004/2018Registered and Licensed
Data to Information CollegeTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0015/2016Registered and Licensed
East Africa Vision InstituteTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0062/2017Registered and Licensed
Eldo Star CollegeTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0063/2017Registered and Licensed
Eldoret Aviation Training InstituteTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0003/2014Registered and Licensed
Eldoret College of Professional StudiesTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0004/2015Registered and Licensed
Eldoret Institute of Business StudiesTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0022/2015Registered and Licensed
Eldoret technical training institute-mid town campusTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0093/2017Registered and Licensed
Eldoret Tourism and professional CollegeTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0020/2016Registered and Licensed
EldoretVocational Training CenterVTCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0002/2016Registered and Licensed
Elgon View CollegeTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0005/2015Registered and Licensed
Elite Institute of Information and Communication TechnologyTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0253/2016Registered and Licensed
Excel Management InstituteTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0082/2016Registered and Licensed
Hi- Tech International CollegeTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0194/2016Registered and Licensed
Kenya Associates of Professional CounselorsTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0068/2017Registered and Licensed
Kenya institute of applied sciencesTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0203/2016Registered and Licensed
Kenya Institute of Management – EldoretTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0104/2018Registered and Licensed
Kenya Institute of Management – EldoretTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0257/2016Registered and Licensed
Kenya Institute of ProfessionalStudiesTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0258/2016Registered and Licensed
Kings College Of AccountancyTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0036/2016Registered and Licensed
Kipkabus  Technical Training Institute  C/o RVTTITVCPublicUasin GishuRegistered only
Koshin Technical Training InstituteTVCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/TVC/0028/2018Registered and Licensed
Mary Immaculate InstituteTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0024/2015Registered and Licensed
MioroVocational Training CenterVTCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0022/2018Registered and Licensed
Moiben TTITVCPublicUasin GishuRegistered only
Mugondoi Vocational Training CenterVTCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0111/2016Registered and Licensed
Nairobi Aviation College-Eldoret CampusTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0037/2017Registered and Licensed
Nakuru Achievers College Of Accountancy And Information TechnologyTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0076/2017Registered and Licensed
North Rift Institute of Management StudiesTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0079/2017Registered and Licensed
Rift Valley College of Management & TechnologyTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0055/2016Registered and Licensed
Rift Valley Technical Training InstituteTVCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/TVC/0044/2016Registered and Licensed
Sergoek Vocational Training CenterVTCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0008/2016Registered and Licensed
Sesia Vocational Training CenterVTCPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/VTC/0059/2016Registered and Licensed
St. Brendan Technical Training InstituteTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0066/2016Registered and Licensed
Superior College of AccountancyTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0103/2018Registered and Licensed
Tec institute of ManagementTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0049/2017Registered and Licensed
The Eldoret National PolytechnicNPPublicUasin GishuTVETA/PUBLIC/NP/0005/2016Registered and Licensed
The Golden Gate CollegeTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0283/2016Registered and Licensed
Tropical College of ManagementTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0271/2016Registered and Licensed
Tumaini Innovation Vocational Training CenterVTCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/VTC/0017/2018Registered and Licensed
Uasin Gishu Technical Training InstituteTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0146/2016Registered and Licensed
Vera Beauty & Fashion College – Eldoret BranchTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0082/2017Registered and Licensed
Victory College of AccountancyTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0148/2016Registered and Licensed
Vision Stars Training InstituteTVCPrivateUasin GishuTVETA/PRIVATE/TVC/0105/2018Registered and Licensed
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Students pursuing Diploma and Certificate courses in Public universities, university colleges, public national polytechnics and Institutes of Technology and Technical Training institutes country-wide are eligible for this loan and bursary from HELB. Orphans, single parent students and others who come from poor backgrounds will be given priority for the loans and or bursaries.

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Required Documents

  1. Applicants should access and fill the relevant TVET Loan & Bursary Application Form (TLAF) at the HELB website.
  2. Print TWO copies of the duly filled Loan Application Form.
  3. Have the TVET Loan Application Form signed and stamped by the Dean of Students/Financial Aid Officers.
  4. Retain one copy of the duly filled TLAF (Mandatory).
  5. Drop the TLAF personally at the HELB students Service Centre on the Mezannine One, Anniversary Towers or any of the SELECT Huduma Centers nearest to you.

TVET Institution Application

The TVET Authority accredits institutions and approves managers of institutions and new programmes.

Application Process

  1. Undertake a business name search from the Registrar of companies via Ecitizen
  2. Obtain a “letter of no objection” on suitability of the name from TVETA

In order to obtain the letter of no objection, present;

  • Reserved business name search
  • Invoice for the name search
  • Copy of KRA Pin for the Director(s)
  • Copy of ID for the Director(s)
  • Dully filled and signed BN2 form (Click here to Download)

3. Register the Business name with the office of the Registrar of Companies
4. Download the TVETA application Forms for accreditation of institution, manager, Trainer, approval of programs, foreign institution and checklist here.
5. Submit complete application documents to TVETA offices located at Utalii House 8th Floor.
6. An accreditation officer will check the documents and compute the amount to be paid. (TVETA Gazetted Fees)
7. You will then be required to pay the amount through MPESA or TVETA bank account below.

Payment process

MPESA PaymentTVETA Bank Account
1. Go to the MPESA menu,
2. Select payment services
3. Choose Pay Bill option
4. Enter 894135 as the business number
5. Enter your full name as the account number
6. Enter the amount
7. Enter your pin and press Ok
A/C Name: Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority
A/C No.: 1212502450
Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank
Branch: Kipande House


After making payment the applicant will complete a registration form in duplicate as evidence of having submitted their application. An acknowledgement letter will then be sent to the applicant.

Inspection and Assessment
1.The institution will be scheduled for inspection and a Team of assessors will visit and inspect the institution for compliance with set standards. Download the assessment tool here
2.The assessors will prepare an inspection report which will be presented to TVETA Board

Registration and Licensing
1. Resolution of the Board based on evaluation of the inspection report shall be;
i. Approve Registration and Licensing of the institution
ii. Reject the application
iii. Request the Institution to improve within a period of six months
2. The applicant is notified on results of the TVETA Board resolution within 3 months from the date of submission of a fully compliant application documents
3. TVETA will issue training License to qualified institutions and maintain a register of the institutions and programs approved.

TVETA will maintain a register of;

i. Registered and licensed institutions
ii. Ongoing registrations
iii. Institutions recommended for improvement

At this point, the accreditation process is complete, and an institution will be issued with a registration certificate and training license.

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