TSC Bank Form For Teachers
TSC Bank Form For Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Bank Form is filled whenever you want to change your pay point particulars. It is the form that the Commission uses to capture your correct bank account details that will be used when paying your monthly salary.

For newly employed TSC teachers,this form is one of the mandatory requirements that is sent together with the employment form after interviews. If you fail to send this form, then you will not receive your salary.

You must also be very keen whenever you are filling this form. This is because if you capture your bank details incorrectly then your TSC salary will be wired to the wrong individual. This is how you should fill out this form; Filling the TSC bank Form correctly.

This form is also whenever you want to change your bank account. Let us say if your salary is passing through Equity Bank and you want to change it to Mwalimu National Sacco, then, this is the form to fill. For full guidelines on how to fill this form, click here; How and when to successfully change your TSC Salary pay point.


The TSC Bank Form contains the following details;

S/No TSC Bank Form Detail Description
1 Bank Name The Name of the Bank where you opened your account e.g Equity
2 Branch Branch where you opened the account
3 Street/ Building Street where branch is found
4 County County were branch is based
5 Sub County Sub County where branch is based
6 TSC Number Your TSC Number as recorded on your TSC Certificate
7 Bank Code Ask from your bank
8 Branch Code Ask from your bank
9 Account Number Account number as recorded on your ATM Card
10 Account Name Your Name as it appears on the Bank ATM Card
Get all TSC Forms here; Free PDF Downloads of all TSC Forms.

What to attach on the TSC Bank Form.

Here are mandatory documents to be attached on the filled out TSC Bank Form:

  1. Most recent payslip; For teachers applying for change of pay point. See guidelines here; The TSC Payslip portal and how to download your payslips.
  2. Bank ATM Card; Attach a clear copy of your ATM Card.
  3. National ID Card; A clear Copy of your ID.
TSC Bank Form For Teachers
TSC Bank Form For Teachers

Click here to download a free PDF Copy of the Latest TSC Bank Form.

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