TSC Human Resource Officers; Contacts and roles
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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has a key department called the Human Resource Department (TSC- HR Department). The HR department is under the TSC Secretariat and is under the Human Resource Management and Development Directorate office at the head quarter.

The Commission has the HR department has decentralized units at the counties.

Duties of the County Human Resource Officer

The County Human Resource Officer is responsible to the County Director in undertaking the following duties:-

  • Head of the Human Resource function in the county.
  • Responsible for handling correspondence on all matters pertaining to terms and condition of service for teachers.
  • Advising the TSC County Director on all matters pertaining to human resource management and development function.

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Duties and Responsibilities Human Resource Officers at the head office

  • Maintaining output and file movement records
  • Verification of amendment on recruitment, appointment and promotion against the recruitment/ appointment and promotion lists
  • Respond to queries raised in personal files.
  • Effecting and executing valid third party orders.
  • Processing of promotions
  • Process pension and death gratuity claims.
  • Issuing retirement notices and release letters for officers on Terms of Service
  • Supervision of officers clerks support staff



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