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TSC promotions interview areas, questions and how to answer

Jul 15, 2024

Have you been shortlisted for tsc promotion interviews?,then prepare well in these areas~

1. Expanded mandate of TSC;

(a) Review Standards of education and training of persons entering teaching service.

(b) Review supply for and demand of teachers in the country

(C) Advise national government on matters pertaining to teaching service.

(a) Have samples of Professional documents.. schemes of work/lesson plans/record of work covered/lesson observation /lesson notes

(b)TPAD summary for last 3 years, identified gaps and how you have addressed them

(c) individual and school results for last 3 years.

(3) carry co curriculum certicates for the school

(4) know the outlawed actions as enshrined in the basic education act, bullying, sexual harassment, illegal levies, forced repetition, corporal punishment

(5) know role of SAGAs like KICD, knec, Jomo Kenyatta foundation,

(6) structure of CBC.

Strengths of CBC
Weaknesses of 8-4-4 system of edu

(7) TSC reforms that include:

(b) on line services
(c) decentralization of services
(d) CBA
(e) career progression guidelines
(f) nationalisation of teachers
g) appointment of school administrators through competitive interviews

(8) Emerging issues like:

(a) covid 19
(b) BBI
(c) change of academic calendar for schools
(d) on line teaching/learning

(9) financial management.

(a) financial records you maintain.

Kindly note the following;

Please be as sincere as possible during the interview sessions. For instance, if you are not sure about any of the asked questions just let the panel know so. There is no crime in saying you have no correct response.

Be as confident as possible. Remember to dress decently for the interviews.
Read and revise the Code of Conduct and Regulations for teachers.

You need to be well versed with the current affairs.

You also need to be aware of all the interview areas and scoring guide.

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