What to do if the laptop does not turn on

What to do if the laptop does not turn on

No one is immune to laptop breakage. But the good news is that most of the problems that arise in the work of this device can be solved. You should only determine the cause of the breakage and its nature, and then already act on the situation. All laptop problems are either software or hardware. It is necessary to accurately diagnose the problem, and then you will already know exactly what steps to take to fix it.

The worst thing that can imagine the average user of this device. How to act in such a case?

Often, if the laptop does not start, the problem is in its power supply. Therefore, first of all, check whether there is light in the house and voltage in the socket.

  • If there are no problems with electricity, you should proceed to the examination of the power supply unit. It may have malfunctioned or broken completely. The surest way to be sure of this – to get the same power supply, only in working condition. Plug it into your laptop and see if your device turns on.
  • Power supply failure is often quite trivial – broken wires or broken contacts in the connectors. By the way, one simple rule will help to avoid problems with the charger in the future. When charging a laptop, first plug the plug into the device, and only then the cord adapter into an electrical outlet. The fact is that with the other order of connection there is a spark, which spoils the contacts.
  • If a similar power unit does not save the situation, then it is time to move on to more drastic actions. Remove the battery from your device, wait 10-15 minutes, and then turn on the device. If it turned on without any problems, then provide it and put the battery in its former place.
  • Another reason why the laptop does not turn on, sometimes lies in the devices connected to it. Disconnect them all, including even the Wi-Fi adapter. Try to start the device again. If the laptop turned on, then return the external devices one by one to see which one triggered the problem.
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These are the steps you are able to take on your own when your laptop won’t boot up. If none of them did not lead to the desired results, then the problem should be sought in a non-working motherboard, breakage of internal contacts and not only. And with this already helps only an experienced technician.

The cooler works, but the laptop screen does

So, you know what to do if the laptop does not turn on. But it is not uncommon and cases when he starts, but his screen remains dark. How to act in such a case?

  1. Look closely at the monitor. Maybe, something still can be seen? If so, the screen is probably fine, but the backlight is not working. You can turn it on by pressing the hot keys on your keyboard. Each model has its own and most users are well known.
  2. Another way to check the functionality of the screen is to connect an external monitor to the laptop. If a picture appeared on it, there is no doubt and the cause of the problem is defined.
  3. Often the problem lurks in the discrete graphics card. This element sometimes overheats and breaks. By the way, some video cards are prone to failures more often than others. For example, nVidia video cards have a short lifespan.
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To prevent such failures, do not keep your laptop on your lap or in other positions, when its ventilation holes are closed. It is advisable in such cases to use special stands that do not interfere with air circulation.

If your laptop is not related to the gaming, do not devote too much time to playing games on it. Also – do not forget to monitor the temperature of the graphics card. If the cause turned out to be in it, then remove or just disable it – on some models of laptops specifically for this purpose provided switches. With the missing discrete graphics card your device will continue its work, just with some games will have to temporarily say goodbye.

Of course, the reason why the laptop boots and does not turn on, can be more serious. For example, in some cases the problem is in the processor or firmware, motherboard or memory. But you can hardly cope with such difficulties on your own. You can check the article about checking the RAM, maybe that’s the problem.

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Constantly rebooting or shutting down

Your notebook may restart infinitely before Windows even attempts to boot. This is a serious hardware problem, probably caused by a short circuit in the South Bridge. This is most often caused by a USB breakdown (remember what you put in the USB connectors).

Or overheating of the processor due to a dusty cooler or a loose fit of the heatsink. But this is rare and is usually accompanied by a high fan speed. In this case, the laptop may shut down or restart at different moments.

In the absence or poor power there may be the following picture: the device turns on, but quickly goes out due to the dead battery.

Writes that it is impossible to start from the bootable device

There may be different messages like “Error loading operating system” or something similar, and then the notebook won’t boot. First remove all flash drives and disks from the drive and reboot. If that doesn’t help, then the problem is either a hardware or software hard disk problem.

The first can be solved by contacting a service center, but first you need to verify that the problem is in the disk. The most affordable way is to reinstall Windows yourself. If it helped, then the problem was at the software level.


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