TPAD 2 termly calendar of activities.
TPAD 2 termly calendar of activities.

TSC Latest news on TPAD: The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has extended the deadline for filing teachers’ term 2 TPAD appraisals. Teachers now have up to the 6th of April to file their TPAD returns online. The initial deadline had been set for March 26, 2021.

The TPAD 2 portal has been having constant down times with teachers having difficulties accessing it; more so during the day.

Be on the look out not to miss any other deadline like that of Email activation. Check this link for all the details; Teachers’ calendar watch 2021; See a list of termly activities plus their deadlines (Updated)

Are you stuck on how to carry out any procedure on TPAD 2 portal? Worry not. Below is a detailed guide to make your work easier.


The TPAD 2 system is more elaborate and detailed. To be sure that you will be carrying out the procedures correctly, it is good that you read the resources below;

  1. How to Create a TPAD 2 Account and Log in to

2. How to create new TSC TPAD Account ( for self Evaluation

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5. TSC- How to capture learner progress records on TPAD 2

6. TPAD 2 Portal Guide; How the Appraiser (Deputy Head) is to assess teachers

7. TSC- How to fill the TPAD 2 form online.

8. How to fill weekly lesson attendance data for all teachers in the new TPAD 2 online system: TSC Guides.

9. New TPAD 2 ( forms free download: Collection of all TPAD forms

10. Calendar of Activities for the New TPAD 2 per term: Free TSC Forms downloads

11. TSC Lesson Observation Form for teachers: New TPAD 2 free forms downloads.

12. TSC Lesson Observation Form for teachers: New TPAD 2 free forms downloads.

13. New TPAD 2 Lesson Recovery Schedule form: Free Lesson Recovery Form.

14. New TPAD 2 Lesson Attendance Summary Sheet: Free Form Download.

15. A checklist of all Professional Documents to be prepared by Teachers in the New TPAD 2: Free Checklist Form Download.

16. The new Teachers’ Performance Appraisal Form (New TPAD 2 Form) Free download and guide.

17. TSC TPAD2 portal for School Head Teacher, Principal;

18. TSC TPAD 2 Lesson attendance data for teachers; Procedure;

19. TSC TPAD 2 form; Offline filling using excel;

20. TSC TPAD 2 system account login and dashboard navigation guide;

21. TSC TPAD 2; How to reach agreement on Appraisee and Appraiser marks plus countersigning;

22. TSC TPAD 2 system reports; TPAD, TPD, Lesson Attendance, Appraisal and Learner Progress Reports;

23. How to create a lesson observation request on TPAD 2; Lesson observation form;

24. TSC gives clarifications on implementation of TPAD and PC in term 2 of 2021;

25. TSC now issues fresh guidelines on TPAD implementation for 2020 term 2 and 3;

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