Kuppet National Officials 2021-2026
Kuppet National Officials 2021-2026

Teachers support Kuppet Constitutional amendments

A meeting of KUPPET Delegates from Central Kenya Cluster at Sagana has resolved to fully support the union’s Constitution review process. The delegates from Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Murang’a, Kiambu and Nyandarua counties declared their support for the adoption of the Proportional Representation (Pro Rata) system in the appointment of union delegates and expansion of the National Executive Board from 10 to 16.

The delegates noted that Pro Rata is a universal democratic principle which gives equal effect to the vote of each member in a trade union. The system, which apportions delegates based on the number of members per branch, is widely used by trade unions all over the world, including at the International Labour Organisation and our global federation Education International.

The current union Constitution provides for an equal number of delegates per branch (10) in constituting the National Delegates Conferences. Under Pro-Rata, that minimum number would be retained but with more delegates apportioned to branches based on their membership.

Through Pro Rata, KUPPET members will have a bigger say in the management and decision-making processes, since more union members participate in electing national officials. The branches will send delegates in proportion to the number of teachers in their branches. Pro Rate ensures that all union officials are elected by roughly the same number of union members. The system will give a voice to all teachers including those from populous and marginalised regions.

The meeting also resolved to support the expansion of the NEB from 10 to 16 members to allow previously marginalised regions like Coast, Nairobi and North Eastern to rise to the union leadership. The delegates also supported the alignment of the KUPPET Constitution to the Kenya Constitution to address interests of women, the youth and teachers living with disability.

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The delegates debunked claims that the review process was meant to change the retirement age of some current officials. They noted that the retirement age of KUPPET officials is clearly provided under the current Constitution and in national legislation and regulations. They noted that the delegates who have been harping on age of officials were maliciously trying to derail the review in order to defeat the adoption of Pro Rata system and expansion of the NEB.

During the meeting, the delegates demanded that the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u, must immediately conclude the appointment of Trustees to the Public Service Superannuation Scheme (PSSS) by gazetting the appointment of Trustees who have been presented by their nominating bodies. KUPPET nominated its National Treasurer, Mr Wicks Mwethi Njenga, three weeks ago but he has not been gazetted to date.

“The delay has exposed the process to unnecessary influence peddling,” said the Secretary General, Mr Akelo Misori, who explained the legal process of appointing Trustees to the delages. “We presented our nomination [of Mr Njenga) to the Principal Secretary Dr Kiptoo in accordance with the law,” he said, urging Prof. Ndung’u to move with speed and gazette the nominee.

The meeting’s Plenary noted that, of all the nominating bodies, it was only in KUPPET where an internal dissension had emerged over the appointment, with two NEB members breaking ranks with their colleagues. Assistant National Treasurer Ronald Tonui and Secretary Tertiary Sammy Chelang’a are pushing for Mr Chelang’a appointment, and have written to Dr Kiptoo to push for their cause.

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Mr Njenga, who has served in PSSS for three years and was due for re-appointment, said, “There seems to be a cartel which is positioning itself to mismanage members’ investment. Pensions are sensitive and we should not allow anyone to expose our members’ retirement benefits to fraud.”

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