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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, effects common cadre promotions for teachers after finishing three years in the entry grade.  The following grades shall form common establishment in the teaching service, according to the Teachers’ Career Guidelines of 2018 by the ;

i. Primary Teacher II T-Scale 5 and Primary Teacher I T-Scale 6 for Primary Teachers Education ertificate holders;
ii. Secondary Teacher III / Lecturer III T-Scale 6 and Secondary Teacher II /Lecturer II T-Scale 7 for Diploma holders; and
iii. Secondary Teacher II/Lecturer II T-Scale 7 and Secondary Teacher I/Lecturer I T scale 8 for holders of Bachelor of Education or its equivalent.

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To qualify for common cadre promotion, a teacher is expected to fill the ‘PERFORMANCE REPORT ON A TEACHER FOR ASSESSMENT ON SUITABILITY FOR PROMOTION/ APPOINTMENT TO THE NEXT GRADE‘ form. Part of the details to be filled by the teacher include:

i). Name of teacher
ii). Current grade/ Job group
iii). Current teaching institution/ station
iv). Duties executed by the teacher; currently.
v). TSC Number
vi). Appointment date

The head of institution is then expected to give a report on the teacher i.e: Knowledge of the job & performance, ability to coach students & participate in Co- curricular activities, acceptance of responsibilities, General conduct and suitability for promotion. The duly filled form is then sent to the Commission headquarter for action.

Here is the promotion form;

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