New TPAD 2 online guide.
New TPAD 2 online guide.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has released a new list of evidences or documents required when filling the TPAD 2 form online.


TSC TPAD 2 portal- 2021;

How to Create and Use the New TPAD 2 Portal ( for TSC Teachers: Ultimate Guide

TSC- How to fill the TPAD 2 form online (Simplified guide)


Some of the key areas where evidence should be gathered to achieve 70% and above in TPAD:

  1. Lesson observation-Upload scanned copy
  2. Teacher preparedness (checklist of documents to be maintained by the teacher)
  3. Lesson attendance-upload scanned copy/stamped/signed
  4. Lesson recovery-upload scanned copy/stamped/signed
  5. Learner assessment-upload scanned page/stamped/signed
  6. Schemes of work-photograph/records)
  7. Lesson plans-photograph
  8. Lesson notes (photograph-on page-checked and signed)
  9. Record of work-photograph-on page-checked and signed)
  10. Learner assessment records-photograph-on page checked and signed
  11. Lesson observation notes-upload scan page
  12. Improvised/procured teaching and learning resource/ aids IEP (individualized education program- record showing teachers effort/ strategy to reach students with different capabilities and learning styles –photos
  1. Records of students talents development/certificates/photocopy
  2. Records of learners participation in clubs and societies that promote friendly environment (photograph/notes)
  3. Records of MOE guidelines on safety Records of safety drills (photograph)
  4. Well displayed classroom rules that govern students (photograph)
  5. Guidance and counselling record-photograph)
  6. Records of parental involvement in student discipline-scanned copy
  1. Record of professional gaps
  2. Records of teachers initiated TPD activities in school- records/photos
  3. Checked learners books photograph
  4. Record of membership in professional body/cluster groups – photograph-)
  5. Record of participation in professional learning community beyond school. Invitation letters /activity report to community service(knec marking invitation letter)


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