Tpad 2 training for teachers by TSC.
Tpad 2 training for teachers by TSC.

The Teachers service Commission, TSC, has arranged a 3 days training Programme for teachers on TPAD Online System and COVID19 Sensitization Under PRIEDE Project. The training shall run from 25th to 27th February, 2021.

A number of areas will be covered during the training i.e:

  • Overview of TPAD &PC
  • Account Creation
  • TPAD dashboard
  • Notification
  • Self- appraisal
  • Learners progress record; Regular, CBC and SNE
  • Lesson attendance
  • Appraisal by appraiser
  • Lesson observation
  • Scheduling of appraisal
  • Appraisal meeting; Agreement on target achievement and completion, Arbitration and Countersigning
  • Cancelled appraisal
  • Performance Contract; Managing PC, Developing OWP and Updating Progress
  • TPD; TPAD TPD and TPD modules
  • Head of Institution, HOI, Portal- managing institutions
  • Allocation of rights
  • Reports: Teachers reports, HOI reports.
  • Mainstreaming COVID19 Knowledge in TPAD Training

The Commission had initially halted the training as a result of the Covid19 outbreak in the country.

See also; TSC TPAD 2 portal- 2021;

TSC circular on the Training Programme for Teachers on TPAD Online System & COVID19 Sensitization Under PRIEDE Project

Read contents of the circular below;

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