TSC payslips online. Your complete guide on registration, login and payslips download.
TSC payslips online. Your complete guide on registration, login and payslips download.

Get TSC Payslip online- You can now easily get your TSC payslips online. All your pay slips are available at the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) online portal (T Pay). This is a simplified guide on how to register, log into the payslips portal (T-pay), view and download your payslips online.

The T-Pay portal also enables you to download your P9 forms (Tax cards for filing KRA individual returns) and checking third party transactions.


Here is a simplified guide on how to log into your TSC Payslips portal:

STEP 1: First and foremost, visit the TSC Payslips Portal by using the link address; https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/. Remember, for you to use the TSC T-Pay portal, you must first be registered. This guide will be helpful; .TSC Payslips; Registration, Login, details, password reset and how to download.

STEP 2: In the login screen that you see, enter your User Name (TSC/ National ID Number) and Password. Click ‘Login’. In case you forget your password, you have no reasons to be worried. Simply click on the ‘Reset Password’ tab as in above. For a guide on how to easily rest your password, click here; How to easily reset your T-Pay Password online.

STEP 3: Once you click on ‘Login’ you will be redirected to your account dashboard. The Home page contains the T-pay menu items and your personal details. By this, you would have successfully logged into your payslips account.

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Your T-pay account comes with a number of functions. Once you successfully log into your Payslips account, then you can use the various menu items as shown below;

the View Payslips Menu: Click on this tab to see your payslips. You can search for all previous years’ payslips here. Simply select the year and month and click search.

The View P9(s) Menu: Use this submenu to view all your P9s that are used for filing KRA returns online.

The Send Pay slip(s) Menu: This menu is used to send payslips for third party deductions. Third parties approved by TSC include: Banks, Hire Purchase, Insurance, Micro Finance, Sacco and SWAs (Teachers’ Unions, Welfares, BBFs and others).

The Transactions Menu: See your running third party deductions and approve any pending ones, here.

My Documents Menu: A list of all personal soft copy files as maintained by TSC.

Logout Menu: Click here to exit from your account. Always remember to click this button once you are done with using your account; more so if the computer or phone used is accessible by other people (a public electronic gadget). Many teachers have had their salaries slashed to third parties that they did not sanction. Ensure your passwords are also private and confidential.

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