New TPAD 2 online guide.
New TPAD 2 online guide.

TPAD 2 Portal; Login, TSC Guides

Here is a full guide on how to create a TPAD 2 account, logging in and updating various standards.

Table of Contents

TSC- How to fill the TPAD 2 form online (Simplified guide)

How to create, Login and use the new TPAD 2 Account (

TSC Lesson Observation Form for teachers: New TPAD 2 free forms downloads

TPAD 2 Portal Login For Teachers

TPAD 2 Calendar of Activities at school Level per term

New TPAD 2 Lesson Recovery Schedule form: Free Lesson Recovery Form

TSC TPAD 2 system reports; TPAD, TPD, Lesson Attendance, Appraisal and Learner Progress Reports

TSC TPAD 2 Lesson attendance data for teachers; Procedure

TPAD 2 new lesson observation form download and lesson observation requesting procedure

TSC- Why is my TPAD 2 appraisal form showing 99%; See possible causes

New TPAD 2 ( forms free download: Collection of all TPAD forms

How to Create and Use the New TPAD 2 Portal ( for TSC Teachers

A checklist of all Professional Documents to be prepared by Teachers in TPAD 2

How to create a lesson observation request on TPAD 2; Lesson observation form

TSC- How to capture learner progress records on TPAD 2

New TSC TPAD 2 Portal online

The new Teachers’ Performance Appraisal Form (New TPAD 2 Form) Free download and guide

New TPAD 2 Lesson Attendance Summary Sheet: Free Form Download

How to create TPAD 2 account and fill TSC data online

How to Create a TPAD 2 Account and Log in to

TSC TPAD 2 system account login and dashboard navigation guide

TSC TPAD 2; How to reach agreement on Appraisee and Appraiser marks plus countersigning

How to carry out appraisal on the new TSC TPAD 2 system

New TPAD 2 access link: TSC changes link for New TPAD 2 log in

TSC TPAD 2 online form; 50 Mandatory documents to attach as evidence for teaching

Calendar of Activities for the New TPAD 2 per term: Free TSC Forms downloads

TPAD 2 Portal Guide; How the Appraiser (Deputy Head) is to assess teachers

TSC Online Services: Payslips Online, TPAD 2: TSC Online Payslip Registration, Login and Download

TSC- Scheduling an Appraisal Rating Meeting online at the TPAD 2 portal

How to fill weekly lesson attendance data for all teachers in the new TPAD

TSC TPAD 2 form; Offline filling using excel

TPAD account creation, login and appraisal process at

TSC TPAD2 portal for School Head Teacher, Principal

How to create new TSC TPAD Account ( for self Evaluation Login

Latest TPAD guide for TSC Teachers; How to create an account at

TSC- How to fill the new TPAD2 form online; Update standards and ratings

How to fill TSC TPAD form online (Simplified guide on how to Update standards

TSC tpad2 login- TSC portal login

How to create new TSC TPAD Account ( – Ultimate guide

TPAD :: Home- TPAD Login, TPAD Account, Activate Account, Tpad2 account activation

Detailed Guide on How To Create TPAD Account.

  1. Go to the Teachers Service Commission website

  2. Click on the the TPAD option

    On the Online Services dropdown list, select the TPAD option.

  3. Access the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) portal

    This will take you to on your browser.

  4. TPAD Login

    Next, click on Login button in the TPAD Home Page so as to create a new TPAD account.

    Click on option applicable to you in the TPAD tool above.

  5. New TPAD Account Registration Process

    This will take you to on your browser as seen above.

    If you have a TPAD2 account, you can log in using your TSC number, ID number and password.

    Otherwise, click on First time login? Create account

  6. Enter the required information

    Register with the right details. You won’t be able to complete the process if you enter an incorrect email address or if the TSC number is missing.

    See the section below for the exact items required to create your TPAD 2 account.

    Once done, click on Create Account

    The TPAD 2 portal will show a success message.

    You will also receive an email or SMS message with a token.

    Enter the code received via email or SMS on your phone and then click on Verify Token

What is required to register TPAD2 account?

The information required to register your TPAD2 account is:

  • TSC Number
  • ID Number
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Mode of Notification (when you create the new TPAD 2, you will get a success message via SMS or email depending on the mode selected)
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How to add Bio Data in TPAD 2 portal

Ensure you are logged into the TPAD 2 portal before proceeding.

Next click on My Profile on the top right of the menu.

You can now add your education level and subject combination details.

Below are the steps to enter your bio data in the TPAD2 portal:

Step 1: Add your personal information

Enter your bio, contacts and institution information.

Make sure to capture your highest level of education and the Institution of Study.

Step 2: Select the “Subjects Combination” option

Under the drop down menu, choose your teaching subjects.

Once done click on the Submit option to update your data in TPAD2.

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About Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD)

TPAD is a performance evaluation mechanism that assess all the Teachers Service Commission employees.

Its main goal is strengthening supervision in each institution in the education sector.

Open performance appraisal system

According to the Teachers Service Commission code, TSC will:

  • require heads at the institutional level to perform continuous monitoring of their teachers.
  • use performance appraisal reports for promotions and other rewards.
  • uphold teaching standards by identifying training needs that support professional growth.

Roles of the Teachers in the New TPAD account

Every teacher is expected to upload their self appraisal data online.

Roles of the Deputy Head in the New TPAD account

Here is what the Deputy Head does in the TPAD 2 tool:

  • Undertake lesson observation
  • Update the weekly lesson attendance data
  • Set up meetings for the appraisal of teachers and the Head of Departments (HOD)
  • Arbitration for the teachers and HODs
  • Take part in the appraiser appraisals process

Roles of the Principal in the New TPAD account

The principal has the following roles in the TSC TPAD:

  • Capture the new teachers in TIMS
  • Activate new teachers on TSC TPAD
  • Induct new teachers on TSC TPAD
  • Continuous monitoring, supervision and evaluation of teachers.
  • Submit termly reports (including on lesson attendance)
  • Appraise the Deputy Head
  • Countersign officer for all teachers in the school arbitration

Steps for the TPAD 2 Process

Here are the 8 steps to the TPAD 2 process:

  1. Develop an appraisal calendar
  2. Set targets
  3. Implement targets and gather evidence
  4. Self appraisal based on the set standards prescribed
  5. Appraisal rating by Appraiser based on evidence gathered
  6. Appraisal rating meeting online between Appraiser and Appraisee
  7. Identification of gaps by Appraisee and Appraiser
  8. Development and implementation of teacher support and performance development

New TPAD Teaching Standards

Here is a summary of the key standards under the new TPAD 2:

  • Create a lesson observation request online.
  • Undertake the lesson observation at least once a term
  • Capture learner progress records in the institution.
  • Prepare professional documents based on the current syllabus
  • Ability to observe punctuality in lesson attendance, performance of duty and preparation of professional documents.

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