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TSC official answers to questions on teacher recruitment, transfers, promotions and staffing

Jul 15, 2024
The latest TSC news on teacher transfers, promotions and recruitment.The latest TSC news on teacher transfers, promotions and recruitment.

Here are official Teachers Service Commission (TSC) responses to questions on teacher recruitment, transfers, promotions and staffing. 

Question: Why have i not been promoted despite attending several interviews ?


  1. Inadequate budgetary promotion.
  2. Lack of adequate preparation for interviews by teachers.

Question: Why has my transfer request not been granted despite several applications ?


  1. Lack of replacement/ vacancy.
  2. Not completed the 5 year mandatory rule since employment.

Question: Why was I demoted from headship ?


  1. Adverse repots (Financial etc)
  2. Poor performance (Curriculum implementation & Supervision)

Question: Why was i not posted to an institution of my choice after study leave or discipline case ?


  1. Postings are done for equitable distribution of teachers.
  2. Lack of vacancy.

Question: Why was my appeal to alternative stations not granted ?


  1. Postings are done for equitable distribution of teachers.
  2. Lack of vacancy.

Question: Why was our institution not allocated any slots for recruitment ?


Overall vacancies slots given are very few in comparison to the total shortage.

Question: Is TSC considering teachers with disabilities on the 5% affirmative action ?


They have to apply and attend interviews. They are given preference where there is a tie between to applicants.

Question: Why are teachers with below C plain being left out yet they have completed university training ?


The Commission has set the minimum requirements for persons entering the teacher service.

Question: What must a newly recruited teacher submit during employment? 

Answer: If your TSC job application is successful, then you will be required to submit the following documents to the Secretary, Board of Management (who is the Principal):

  1.  Duly signed application for employment letter;
  2. Duly signed commitment letter to serve in the school for a minimum period of five (5) years and three (3) years in the case of North Eastern region;
  3. Original and copies of the following: –
  • National Identity card (both sides);
  • NCPWD card (where applicable);
  • 2 passport size photographs:
  • Certificates and testimonials; KCPE, KCSE, ‘A’ Level, Diploma, Degree etc;
  • Official Academic transcripts;
  • Certificate of Registration as a teacher
  • KRA PIN certificate:
  • Bank Plate;
  • Duly filled pay point particulars’ form;
  • NHIF Card;
  • Primary and secondary school leaving certificates and other testimonials;
  • Evidence of service as a teacher intern (where applicable)
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of application for employment;
  • Evidence of separation from the Commission for those previously employed by TSC.

Question: What are the latest TSC recruitment guidelines for teachers?

Answer: Check here; TSC teachers latest recruitment guidelines, marking schemes and score-sheets (Secondary and primary)

Question: Can I get the latest TSC Scoring guide/ Marking Scheme for teacher recruitment?

Answer: Sure. Here it is; The latest TSC Scoring Guide/ Interview Marking Scheme.

Question: Can I get the latest TSC new recruitment guidelines for teachers in PDF free download?

Answer: Yes. Download it here.

Question: How do I apply for a TSC teacher transfer online?

Answer: To apply for your transfer, online, follow the simple steps below;

  1. Go to TSC website (www.tsc.go.ke) and click online services and select Teacher Transfer. See more information, here; How to apply for a TSC teacher transfer online; Step by step guide

Question: How do I answer the questions asked during TSC interviews?

Answer: TSC latest promotion interviews marking scheme and Questions

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