TSC online transfer application portal login.
TSC online transfer application portal login.

TSC teacher transfer online portal- The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has made the application for a teacher transfer very easy. The application for transfer is now purely done online and there is no need of filling the manual transfer application form.

The TSC online transfer portal is https://hrmis.tsc.go.ke/tm-app/apply_transfer.

TSC Logo TSC Online Teachers Portal- Apply for TSC transfer here.

You will be sent a security (validation) code on this number

How to proceed with your application process

To make your application, proceed as follows:

  • Visit the TSC online transfer application portal by using the link; https://hrmis.tsc.go.ke/tm-app/apply_transfer.
  • In the new window, enter your TSC Number, ID Number and mobile phone number. You will get a notification from TSC with your security code (A six-digit authorization code) after clicking on ‘Login’.
  • Enter the authorization code that was sent to your mobile number,
    before logging in. Now, click ‘login.’
  • On successful login, the system is able to detect if you are
    either a primary or a post primary teacher.
  • Click ‘Submit a Request for Transfer’ to proceed.
  • Enter all the details, and check the declaration box. The required details are:
S/NRequired details
1Length of stay at present school
2Length of stay in same subcounty
3Reason for transfer
5When is transfer required ?
9email address
  • Now tick the box next to the this declaration; ‘I hereby declare that the information in this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I am also aware that any false information will lead to direct Disqualification/ Disciplinary action, without further reference to me by the Teachers Service Commission.’
  • After entering all the details and checking the declaration box, click ’OK.
  • The system will display your current station and the requested County.
  • Click ‘File Attachment(s)’ button to attach supporting document(s) in case the request for transfer is due to insecurity and/or medical grounds.
  • You can also Edit, Withdraw or Print the transfer request.
  • Click Browse to select the document to attach.
  • Enter your Remarks.
  • Check the dialogue box and Click Ok after attaching the document.
  • Your attachment(s) will be displayed. You can either Remove or View your attachment.
  • Click Submit Button.
  • Once your application is successfully delivered, application status changes to “Pending” (Please note the application status will keep on changing )
  • Click Logout to exit from the system. The next bit is done by your Principal or Head Teacher.

Some of the reasons you can give for your transfer.

Here is a list of reasons you can give during your online transfer application process:

S/NReason for transferExplanation
1Aging parentsIn case your parents are now old and you want to move closer to them
2InsecurityInsecurity in your current place of work
3Join spouseIf your spouse works/ stays away from you
4Your Medical conditionA medical condition that will hinder performance at current station
5Medical condition of childA child’s ailment
6OverstayingIf you have worked in the same station for many years.


Remember for any reason given evidence will be required.

Head of Institution (HOI) recommendation on your transfer application

Your Principal/ Head Teacher will get the requests through the institution Emails and the HOI (The Head of Institution) portal. The HOI will proceed as follows;

Option 1: Email notification

  • Open your Email.
  • Click the email notification Link to proceed.
  • Enter your comments as the Head of Institution and Click the ‘Submit’ button

Option 2 : HOI portal

  • Go to TSC website (www.tsc.go.ke) and click Online Services, select HRMIS and click on ‘Teacher Transfer’ button.
  • Enter your TSC No, ID Number and Mobile number and click Login.
  • A six digit authorization code will be sent through your mobile number.
  • Enter the authorization code and click Login.
  • HoI (Head of Institution) portal will display the incoming transfer requests.
  • Click ‘Action’ button to recommend the transfer and enter your comments.
  • Click ‘Submit’ button.

How to check status of your transfer application online.

You can monitor the status of your application online. Simply log into your account and the status will be displayed on your dashboard. The Commission will also send a response via Email.

Also read; Step by step guide for online TSC transfer application.

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